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  • Getting Creative When Schools Go Remote

    Teachers are nothing if not creative. On an ordinary day, teachers are masters of marshaling resources, planning on the fly, differentiating lessons for diverse learners, and so much more. But the last six weeks have been far from ordinary. As thousands of teachers nationwide have transitioned to some form of remote teaching, the learning curve has been steep. For many teachers, the abrupt switch to online instruction has been a new and daunting experience. At the same time, this transition has also been a testament to teachers’ resilience and willingness to go above and beyond. Whether it’s finding creative ways to provide one-on-one support, making space for important social interactions to happen online, or helping younger students make sense of Zoom, teachers are working hard to ensure students and their families have the support they need to keep going through this uncertain time.

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  • A Powerful Model for Understanding Good Tech Integration

    The biggest obstacle to teaching online probably isn’t the technology. Teachers seek out educational technology, in fact, because it “can have considerable positive impacts on student performance,” according to a 2016 study—improving test scores and allowing teachers to assess student achievement more efficiently. The big problem is how to integrate it: Beyond the sheer number of tech tools available, the same researchers identified “inadequate professional development and training” as the primary obstacle to using technology productively in classrooms.

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  • 8 Creative Ideas For Active Learning Activities To Include In Your eLearning Course

    Active learning involves real-world challenges, online group collaboration, and interactive problem-solving. Instead of just reading about the subject matter, online learners are able to actively explore it with their peers. From anywhere on the globe, they have the power to engage in lively online discussions, share experiences, and receive eLearning feedback. Here are 8 non-traditional ways that you can incorporate active learning activities into your Instructional Design strategy.

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  • Teaching: How To Engage Students in a Hybrid Classroom

    I’ve been working on a story about the growing popularity of the HyFlex model for the fall, in which professors teach simultaneously to students in their classroom and others beaming in remotely. This form of hybrid teaching, advocates say, provides options for students who can’t come to class for health or logistical reasons, and allows for socially distant classrooms by rotating students through on alternating days. Under one scenario, for example, one-third of students in a large lecture course might come to class on a given day, with the others tuning in via Zoom.

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  • 6 tips to become a ClassDojo pro

    Now schools are closed and your class is no longer physically in front of you, the way we communicate via online platforms becomes more important than ever. But as teachers well know, getting to grips with new technology isn't as simple as just downloading an app. Like every good student knows, you have to do your homework. ClassDojo is a behaviour and communication website that can also be downloaded as an app. It has many useful features for teachers, children and parents alike, and in these digital times, can go a long way to replicate that casual everyday communication that used to take place at pick-up and drop-off.

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